Background Check

What exactly is a background check?


A background check is essentially what it says on the tin. We conduct a comprehensive check into the background of an individual. We are often called upon to do this for commercial clients, wanting to find information out about prospective employees. We also have private clients who wish to know more about a person or group of people.


How can they help?

Private sector

One of the most common reasons people request that we do a background check is for a new partner, or potential partner. If you haven’t been, then you probably know someone who has been cat-fished to some degree. When people meet, sometimes they lie to impress and other time they omit information in order to keep some of their history a secret. This is where we come in to play, we are able to find out things such as; are they in debt? Do they have good credit? What is their marital status/previous relationships? What assets do they have?


Corporate sector


Corporate clients often conduct background checks on their candidates for employment. The reason they do this is to ensure that they are dealing with the person they believe they are. It can also provide an insight into the type of lifestyle they lead and also reveal if there are any misleading declarations in their CV. This can potentially save a business ££££’s as it means they can potentially dismiss employing someone totally wrong for the job, but it also negates the risk of employing someone attempting to conduct business espionage on behalf of competitor companies.


We look in to the backgrounds of people that you may be thinking about getting into business with. Are they trustworthy? Do they have a track record of failed businesses or scams? Our background checks provide the peace of mind you need.


With establishing the truth being our number one narrative, once we have found out information about someone, we tend to follow up with surveillance to corroborate the information and confirm the truth.


As every case is unique in its own right, we offer a free consultation to each and every client. During this we will assess your situation and offer a tailored solution. We will consider all aspects such as practicality, legalities, desired outcomes and of course ensure the strategy we provide is as cost-effective as possible.


Once the investigation has come to a conclusion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all evidence obtained. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision on how to progress with or end a relationship.


Should you find that you have an enquiry of this nature, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • Are you starting a new business venture and want to find out about who you are working with?

  • Do you have unanswered questions about a new partner?

  • Do you want to check the history of a potential new employee?

  • Do you want reassurance that your child is in good hands?

Whatever the reason, you can never be too careful.

Aspyr's background checks can give you the reassurance you need to know you are making the right decisions.

Some of the areas we can help...

  • Employment history

  • Education history

  • Current and previous address history

  • Criminal conviction check

  • Aliases

  • Asset checks

  • Bankruptcy and CCJ's

  • Birth, Marriage & Death

  • Credit history

  • Media profiles​