Bug Sweeping
Birmingham & All of UK

Bug sweeping is an effective method that we use in counter surveillance operations. We conduct bug sweeps at various locations such as offices, home sweeps and vehicles too. Once we have conducted our sweep, any of the devices that we find are identified and removed (if requested) and can be neutralised too. The devices that we are able to detect include devices such as GPS devices, hidden cameras, audio recorders and GSM bugs.


Bugging devices can easily lead to sensitive information being leaked into the wrong hands. This can corrupt or destroy businesses. It can lead to the break-down of relationships and in some situations lead to danger for vulnerable people such as elderly and young children.


In order to conduct our sweeps, we make use of industry leading equipment that is capable of detecting a huge variety of surveillance technology. We ensure we keep up to date with advances in equipment and covert surveillance technologies, in order to effectively stay ahead of the game and maintain such a high success rate in locating devices and restoring security for our clients.


Where possible, we aim to deploy our specialist agents immediately, as we treat bug sweeping as a high priority and aim to get an agent with you on the very same day.


Nowadays it’s so easy for people to obtain devices and software for eavesdropping/monitoring purposes, that it’s no surprise that we are being called out more and more regularly for bug sweeps. You can go online and within the hour you can find devices that have listening capabilities, GPS devices and covert cameras that are disguised as every-day items (coffee cups, alarm clocks, tv remotes, smoke alarms etc), which is why it is imperative that we know what is out there and how to combat these methods of covert monitoring.


Our clientele ranges widely and the reasons for us conducting bug sweeps can be different in many, many ways. We have conducted sweeps for local authorities, celebrities, and businesses as well as private tasks where we have conducted vehicle and home sweeps for private clients.


If you believe you may have a security breach or concerns of surveillance and would like to know for sure if you have become the victim of a type of espionage, get in touch and we will assist as quickly as possible and get you answers today!