Cheating Partner & Matrimonial Investigation

Having suspicions about your partner can make you feel sick, stressed and mentally/physically unwell.


Often, we find that we tell ourselves that we are being 'crazy' but as you have probably heard many times should always trust your gut, and that's where we come into play.


By using our investigative techniques, we provide the results you need to reveal the unbiased truth.

Raising your concerns to your partner may not be an easy thing to do, especially if there is something happening out of the ordinary.


Aspyr Investigations eliminates the need of confrontation and guesswork and provide proof, with accurate findings and detailed reports. All of which are up to our reputable standards and admissible as evidence should they be required in court.

We know relationships can be complicated and some more complex than others which is why we will only ever ask you to provide details that you are comfortable with.


Your satisfaction is our priority and we will be here with you every step of the way.

I Think My Partner Is Cheating

The thought that our partner is being unfaithful can be extremely unsettling.

Aspyr will ease your conscience and provide clarity.

Our investigators assist you by covertly observing your partner, providing photographic evidence of their actions and behaviours, accompanied by high quality video footage. Our communications with you will always be discreet, with a professional and caring approach at all times.


Late Nights At The Office?

Office Coffee Break

Has your partner recently been spending more time than usual at work?

Have their hours changed suddenly?

Are they attending more than the normal number of meetings outside of normal working hours?

These can be some of the things that you may notice when suspecting that your partner is misleading you or betraying your trust.


Alone, these changes may be subtle and appear harmless but they too can be indicators that there is something suspicious happening.

Find out now.