Cheating Partner and Matrimonial Investigation

No one wants to envision themselves having to hire a private investigator in order to delve into their suspicions regarding their partner. Unfortunately for some, this becomes a reality, and Aspyr is here to help. Our Investigators are specialised in infidelity & cheating partner investigations in Birmingham with the highest success rates.


By using their investigative techniques, our specialist private investigator for cheating partner will provide you with the hard evidence you need to reveal the unbiased truth. 


Aspyr Investigations eliminates the need of confrontation and guesswork and provides proof, with accurate findings and detailed reports. All of which are up to our reputable standards and admissible as evidence should they be required in court.


Your satisfaction is our priority and we will be here with you every step of the way throughout the infidelity investigation.

I Think My Partner Is Cheating

The thought that our partner may be acting unfaithfully can be extremely unsettling. Aspyr will ease your conscience and provide clarity on your suspicions surrounding your cheating partner, Birmingham.

​Our investigators assist you by covertly observing your partner, providing photographic evidence of their actions and behaviours, accompanied by high quality video footage. Our communications with you will always be discreet, with a professional and caring approach at all times.


Late Nights At The Office?

Office Coffee Break

Has your partner recently been spending more time than usual at work?


Are they attending more than the normal number of meetings outside of normal working hours?


​Has their work routine suddenly changed?


Alone, these changes may be subtle and appear harmless but they too can be indicators that there is something suspicious happening. Gut feelings tell us when something isn't right. That’s where Aspyr’s investigators come to the fore to help you with your infidelity investigation.


What are the signs of a cheating partner?

Suspecting that you have a cheating partner in Birmingham isn’t a pleasant thought and so no doubt you would want to take action and hire a cheating partner private investigator. From suddenly taking greater pride in their appearance, to behavioural changes or changes in their routine, these may be signs of a cheating partner, Birmingham. The following could be signs of your partner being unfaithful, hence your reasoning behind hiring Aspyr Investigations.

  • A change in technology use

  • Lying and avoiding you

  • Changes in communication

  • Change in attention to appearance

  • A decrease, or sometimes increase, in libido

Trust your gut instinct and put your suspicions at bay but hiring a cheating partner private investigator.