Child Custody/Safety

Experiencing a divorce or a break up can be a stressful, heart-breaking ordeal. It goes without saying that it can be a lot more difficult when children are involved. Especially, when there is concern for their wellbeing. This worry can be increased tenfold if there are new people introduced into the children’s lives.


If you are worried that your children are potentially at risk you may find it helpful to get in touch and see how we can help. Some of the things that you may consider when acknowledging the welfare of a child can be:


  • Do they suffer from neglect? Are they going without their basic needs being met?

  • Are they being ill-treated?

  • Do they suffer physical or mental abuse whilst in the custody of certain individuals?

  • Do they legitimately have somewhere safe to sleep at night? Somewhere warm and secure? Are they supervised whilst sleeping?

  • Do the children have essentials, such as food and appropriate clothing?

  • Are they changing? i.e. have they become withdrawn? Shy? Upset? Quiet? Secluded? Do they behave in a certain way when a person or place in particular is mentioned? These are some of the signs that are regularly portrayed by children when they are not comfortable with people or the environment that they are living in.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of things that may occur when there is a failure concerning child welfare, but it can help indicate certain factors. If any of the above issues appear to apply to yourself or someone that you know then we would recommend that you reach out and allow us to help the children involved. We all have a duty of care to those who cannot o will not be able to speak up for themselves.


What do we do to help?


With most child custody cases we recommend that we deploy one of our highly skilled, experienced surveillance teams to document professionally the level of care that the children are receiving. By doing this it allows us to build a substantial case of evidence (video, photo and occasionally audio) which can be used as evidence in court proceedings, and ultimately can prove vital in the future quality of life children will receive.


We will always consult with our clients prior to any surveillance or investigations taking place. We offer a free consultation to each and every client and during this we will assess your situation and offer a tailored solution. We will consider all aspects such as practicality, legalities, desired outcomes and of course ensure the strategy we provide is as cost-effective as possible.


Once the investigation has come to a conclusion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all evidence obtained. All imagery is time and date stamped, and irrefutable evidence to be provided should it be needed in court.


If you would like us to assist with an enquiry of this nature, please get in touch.

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