Cohabiting - Defined as ‘an unmarried couple living together in a relationship which can often resemble a marriage’. This is becoming more and more customary within the community.


Once a relationship breaks down, it’s completely normal that each person then goes on to find another partner and eventually they live together as a couple and build on the foundations of their relationship. Now whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this in principle: sometimes it’s breaking the rules.


If you have filed for a divorce, or if you are in the process of arranging child maintenance payments, having evidence of an ex-partner cohabiting with someone new can be a game changer.


It can provide the evidence and proof you need to ensure the terms in your divorce request are met, or that the amount of financial benefit you receive in your agreement is the full amount that you are rightfully entitled to.


If you believe that your ex has breached terms of a divorce or that they have breached a cohabiting agreement, you certainly deserve to have the payments you receive altered to reflect their new living arrangements. But you will only ever get this with evidence. Afterall, it’s not what you know it’s what you can prove.


We know it isn’t easy to speak to a stranger about your private life, especially when you have come out of a long-term relationship. As pleasant or as unpleasant the break-up may have been, we are here to offer support. We are here to listen, and offer services that will improve your quality of life. We abide by rigid DPA and GDPR regulations and ensure that anonymity is preserved at all costs.

I want to know who my children are spending their time around


It may be that your ex now has a new partner, and that you are concerned for the welfare and safety of your children when they are around them. Or maybe, just for peace of mind you would like to know a bit more about the new person on the scene. In these circumstances we can provide a comprehensive background check on their new partner.


As every case is unique in its own right, we offer a free consultation to each and every client. During this we will assess your situation and offer a tailored solution. We will consider all aspects such as practicality, legalities, desired outcomes and of course ensure the strategy we provide is as cost-effective as possible.


In pretty much all cohabiting cases it will be essential that we conduct surveillance on your ex-spouse and/or their new partner, as we will need to ascertain evidence of them living together over a sufficient period of time (usually at least 2 weeks).

In doing so we will be able to document them living together, establish a pattern of life (leaving for work, school run, returning home, changing clothes etc)

The courts cannot use rumours, and will desire proof. The substantial video and photo evidence we provide is admissible in court.


Once the investigation has come to a conclusion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all evidence obtained. All imagery is time and date stamped, and irrefutable evidence to be provided should it be needed in court.

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