After deciding what services you require, you will want to know the cost.

We keep our prices competitive against the market whilst representing our quality.

Firstly we will discuss what services you feel you need from us and what we believe is the best option for you. Then we will recommend tailored services bespoke to you and your situation.

Our costs are explained upfront during your consultation so you can be assured there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.


Whilst our operatives are on a task, small expenses such as food and drink in cafes, fast food etc are not billed...


Follow and travel miles whilst on task are charged by the mile and any larger expenses (eg. restaurants, venue entry etc) will be billed but only upon your confirmation.

Once all surveillance is concluded, you will receive a written report of our observations and a highlight video illustrating the movements of our subject(s) throughout the day. The raw unedited footage remains with us securely should it ever need to be used at a later date in court.

Vehicle Tracking


Our GPS trackers monitor the location of a vehicle 24 hours a day. They can be monitored around the clock via an app on your mobile phone or alternatively from your desktop via the internet. Find further details of vehicle tracking here.

The first week is £350 per vehicle. This price includes the fitting and retrieval of the device and access to the application that allows you view the tracker.

Each following week is £200 per vehicle.

The information we require to be able to successfully track a vehicle is minimal:

  • Vehicle make/model/registration

  • Vehicle location

Our covert trackers are reliable and discreet. They have a long lasting battery life and can be set to report its location from as little as 5 second intervals.

Once the device has been removed we can provide you with the data from the tracker which will include:


  • Status (start/stop)

  • Date & time

  • Vehicle speed

  • Distance travelled