Debtor Tracing

Trying to find someone that owes you money, doesn’t want to pay and doesn’t want to be found can be tiresome, frustrating and no doubt keep you at night. It can be hard to know where to start and you may feel like every road you go down leads to a dead end. People simply believe that if they disappear, so does their debt, but thanks to us it doesn’t work that way.


Who do we trace?


We can trace debtors (commercial and private), tenants, employees/business partners, beneficiaries, friends & family and more.


How can we help you?


In order for you or your client to successfully commence proceedings against a debtor for outstanding monies owed, we will trace them for you and provide a whereabouts which will enable you to do so.


The more information you have for us the better, but generally we will need full name, DOB & last known address (if known). If you have additional information, such as work addresses, business addresses, known associates it may help further our investigation.


Our trained, and experienced investigators have access to incredible data sources which allow us to conduct searches that lie within the parameters of the law and DPA. They allow us to identify and confirm an individual’s address. Throughout our investigation we will keep you informed of any developments.


These searches are typically turned around within 24-48 hours!


For more enhanced searches which can be more challenging it can take a matter of weeks and it may be necessary to deploy some of our experienced operatives to conduct enquiries in the area believed to be that of the subject.  


As every case is unique in its own right, we offer a free consultation to each and every client. During this we will assess your situation and offer a tailored solution.


We will consider all aspects such as practicality, legalities, desired outcomes and of course ensure the strategy we provide is as cost-effective as possible.


Once the investigation has come to a conclusion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all evidence obtained.

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