Drone Surveillance

"Not all investigations are completed on the ground, sometimes we have to take to the skies to get the evidence we need."


Having qualified drone pilots on hand allows us to see things from a perspective that you just wouldn’t always get elsewhere.


All tasks have their own challenges and sometimes we find that an alternative and innovative approach is required to get the evidence we are searching for. In order to provide versatility to our operations we have added drone surveillance to our services and it has been a complete success.


A drone is not a piece of equipment that can be used all of the time. We carefully consider the use of our drones as our operations progress. We have to consider the morality behind using them, the legal aspects and also the practicality. If we don’t feel it is necessary, then we won’t use them.


We use our drones in cases where we need to provide proof of criminal behaviour and activity.


Situations in which we may consider the use of drone technology include:


  • Evidencing anti-social behaviour, whether it is gang related activity in your area or individuals in your neighbourhood, included your neighbours.

  • Trespassing – More often than not, we find trespassers intruding on other people’s land/property in rural areas and farmlands, along with industrial estates and work sites. If you suspect trespassing, drone surveillance can be the answer you need.

  • Gathering evidence to support employers when there are allegations of employee theft. Drones can be a great way to catch employees in the act and can also show where they may be storing or selling the goods they have stolen.

  • Fly-tipping – This foul practice goes unpunished all too often as there is often not enough evidence to lead to a prosecution of the perpetrators. Drone surveillance can and has been used to catch these criminals in the act.


If you would like any further information or you think that drone surveillance can help in your situation, call us today and find out how we can help. Alternatively, complete the form on our contact us page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.