Employee Investigation

As an employer it can be difficult to know where and when to get help from an outside source. For this very reason we offer a free consultation to each of our clients so we can discuss in detail the needs of the employer and what legalities surround their situation.


We then make a robust plan to move forward, with actions being proportionate and ensuring we work entirely within the law. We make sure the subject of our investigation still has the right to a private life, whilst collating evidence that will be admissible if required at a later date in court.

Examples of when employers have chosen us in the past...

Is My Employee Working Somewhere Else?

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in the workplace for employees to be absent due to sickness. However, not all employees are completely honest when taking time off. It does occur that sometimes when an employee is off work receiving sick pay, they are also working elsewhere, reaping all the benefits and effectively earning 'double bubble'.


This is generally not permitted in employee contracts and potentially grounds for disciplinary action. Our investigators can be the eyes you need to confirm these suspicions.


We will put our expert surveillance operatives into action and capture both video and photographic evidence of your employee's activities, locations and potential secondary work.

Fake Injury Claim

Now more so than ever businesses are orientated towards providing a safe workplace. However, no matter how many safety measures are put into place, it is still proving to be impossible to prevent accidents. As the age old saying goes, 'Where there's blame, there's a claim' and this rings true throughout most industries.


From time to time, opportunists will try to take advantage of this and it's common that people will falsely claim they have sustained injuries (or exaggerate them) due to an accident at work, in order to make a claim against their employer for financial gain.


Our investigators can observe these individuals, discreetly, and provide surveillance footage showcasing the employee's abilities and the extent of the injuries they claim to have.


A clear and concise report will then be put together and given to the employer allowing them to use the findings should they choose to take action, or present it as evidence if needed in court.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard