It is estimated that around 20,000fly tipping offences occur each week in the UK. This figure is on the rise. Anything from cement, tarmac and asbestos, to household waste and even a boat has been known to be ‘tipped’. The likely hood is that on your way to work today or taking the kids to school, you have noticed or travelled past a site of fly tipping.


It is a foul form of pollution in the UK, and is a health hazard not only to humans but also our wildlife. The worst part is that it is actually easily preventable, with authorities providing household waste and recycling centres for people to dispose of their waste when it cannot be collected from their home or business addresses.


It’s not uncommon for legitimate businesses and land owners to fall victim to fly tipping. Once offenders have ‘tipped’ on their site of choice, the people who own the land then have to get it removed and disposed of through legitimate measures. This can cost a small fortune to landowners, councils, farmers and others alike. It is not fair!


How can we stop this?


The best way to get justice and convictions in relation to fly-tipping is to catch the perpetrators in the act. To do this we will deploy surveillance operatives where possible at the site where fly-tipping has become a regular issue. We will anticipate when the offenders are likely to strike and obtain evidence of them committing the offence.


We can obtain video evidence in a few different ways. One is to deploy a surveillance team to the site who will be able to react immediately. They also have the ability to follow the offenders, as it’s not uncommon for them to dump their waste t multiple sites.


An extra added bonus to this is that we may catch them committing further offences but also that we may be able to identify a home address or business address for them. This can make it easier to report to local authorities and more likely to result in prosecution of the culprit in question.


The other option we may favour is to deploy a covert recording device to the site which will record any and all activity. The advantages to these are that they can be deployed and left in situ long periods of time. So, when there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern, and difficult to predict when the ‘tippers’ will strike next, this may be the best option.


As every case is unique in its own right, we offer a free consultation to each and every client. During this we will assess your situation and offer a tailored solution.


We will consider all aspects such as practicality, legalities, desired outcomes and of course ensure the strategy we provide is as cost-effective as possible.


Once the investigation has come to a conclusion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all evidence obtained. All imagery is time and date stamped, and irrefutable evidence to be provided should it be needed in court.