Fraud Investigation

Having your trust betrayed or being taken advantage of can make you feel used, vulnerable and exposed. It can be difficult to speak about these experiences, especially when you think there's nothing that can be done.

Our specialist investigators can assist when you think you have been a victim of fraud. Whether its groups disguising themselves as reputable businesses and not delivering products and services or individuals requesting that you send them money under false pretences and vanishing into thin air shortly after, Aspyr are here to help.

Internet Dating/I Think Ive Been Robbed

Have you recently met someone new online?

Does something not quite add up?

Or do you just need to be certain that you are speaking to who you think you are?

In a world where online communication is forever expanding and becoming easier and easier to create accounts over multiple platforms, its not surprising that there has been a rise in online fraud and catfishing.

Online Shopping

There can be nothing worse than speaking to someone new, opening up and feeling as though you have built a genuine connection, all for it to turn out to be a hoax and that you have been a target of fraud.

Many of these relationships only exist online and can last years and years. In many cases the fraudulent party asks for money, gifts and generally defrauds their innocent victim.

We have specialised systems and processes that we use to trace individuals.

We can verify if online profiles are genuine and perform surveillance to provide extra details and footage to show who 'they' really are. We have methods that assist us to provide their genuine details, who they really are and where they are from.