GPS Tracking

GPS trackers can prove to be invaluable to our surveillance operations. They are extremely discreet and reliable. The devices are small and magnetic, so fit easily onto any vehicle. They are simple to fit and retrieve when needed.


During extended periods of surveillance, it can be best that our operatives maintain more distance at times and allow our real time tracking devices do the work. They allow us to keep track of the subject without being directly behind them at all times.


Limiting exposure ensures we can conduct the most effective surveillance and achieve the greatest results. Being able to remotely check the device lets us see where it has been, where it currently is and if it is active or not.

When Would You Need To Use A Tracking Device?

Some reasons you may want to be able to track a vehicle:

  • Suspicions of a cheating partner.

  • In the event of theft.

  • To monitor the use of a company vehicle.

  • Employee whereabouts.

  • A subject lives in a rural area.

  • Erratic drivers

We will regularly be in touch with updates and discuss the situation with the client. If necessary, we can alter our tactics and amend instruction.