Hire a Private Investigator in Birmingham

“Hire a private investigator or detective in Birmingham! Our investigators/detectives team provides precise & in-depth information with higher discretion ability.”

There are copious reasons or scenarios in which a person would consider or even decide to hire a private detective, as demonstrated by our extensive list of services which we provide for. We have private investigators of all ages and from a wide variety of ethical backgrounds, enabling us to work with any demographic, within any environment, and be guaranteed to achieve results.

No matter why you are hiring them, our team of private detectives are experienced and ready to get the answers you need in a timely and professional manner. As a leading private detective company in the UK, we use the latest technology which enables us to carry out our work for virtually any case in a professional, efficient and effective manner.


Whilst we can’t always guarantee what we will find, we can guarantee three things:

  • Total confidentiality unless otherwise required

  • A discrete and comprehensive service

  • Experienced professional handling at all times

Your Aspyr private investigator UK will offer a completely bespoke and individualised service which guarantees the strictest confidence to all our clients. There are various reasons or scenarios in which a person would consider or even decide to choose to hire a private investigator, a few of which are below:​

Cheating partner and matrimonial

  • You may require our services to assist you to reveal the unbiased truth. Aspyr Investigations puts suspicions, rightly or wrongly, at bay. With cases often being of a highly emotional and stressful nature, we handle all cases with the discretion, care and respect they deserve.

Fly tipping

  • A foul form of pollution in any location across the UK, fly tipping is sadly on the rise and we are ready to catch the perpetrators. If you hire a private investigator, we anticipate when the offenders are likely to strike and collect the evidence of them committing the offence.

Debtor tracing

  • Trying to find someone who owes you money can be a challenge, especially when they go off-grid with the mindset that should they disappear, then so will their debt (they’re wrong). We have trained and experienced investigators who have access to significant data sources which allow us to conduct searches that lie within the parameters of the law and Data Protection Act.


  • You may need to hire a private investigator UK if you need help finding a missing person, to know where someone is working, or if you doubt your partner’s whereabouts. All of our Aspyr private detectives are able to seamlessly blend themselves into their surroundings in order to obtain all photographic and video footage to answer your questions.

Background check

  • You may need to hire a private detective to carry out a background check on a prospective employee. Some of the areas we can help with are employment or education history, asset checks, criminal conviction check, or media profiles. These are just some of many background checks we can fulfil. Get in touch to find out more.

​Our team of private investigators pride themselves on customer satisfaction, discretion and confidentiality. Get in touch to find out more about the services we provide and to enquire about how much a private investigator cost, or a private detective cost.

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How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

As you may have already guessed, the cost of our services differ depending on the scale of the case and the work or equipment required. To find out more about the private investigator cost for your own case, get in touch today.

Why use a private investigator over the police?

Some might consider the work which the police and private investigators carry out to be quite similar, but it’s actually quite different. Before you hire a private investigator it’s important to find out exactly what work they do and the services they can provide. Although their work often overlaps, police investigators operate solely to investigate crimes, whereas private investigators can look into intrinsic personal cases too. Perhaps you are experiencing cohabiting issues, in which case it might be useful to hire a private investigator.

How can I find a local investigator?

Contact us! We operate within both Nottingham and Birmingham, however there are hundreds of other detective agencies available and it is important to find the right one for you. A simple search online can provide you with a list of private detectives who are local to you, but we recommend contacting them directly to ascertain whether, aside from their nearby location, they are the right choice for you depending on the type of scenario you are facing.

Are private investigations kept confidential?

All of the information gathered during our investigation is kept strictly confidential and secure. Unless the need arises, we maintain anonymity throughout the process.

Will the person or company know that they are being investigated?

No. Our agents are skilled in blending seamlessly into the background, so that your privacy and safety is maintained at all times throughout the process. At no point will a person or company know that they are being investigated. We offer a completely confidential, secure and safe service.