Injury Investigation

Fraudulent insurance claims remain prevalent in the motor insurance industry and the workplace. It is not always the case that the entire claim is false, however its very common for injuries and inconveniences to be exaggerated by the claimant.

Through using covert surveillance techniques, our investigators get clear photographic and video evidence showing the validity and effects of such injuries and claims.

The evidence we provide, along with the accurate and concise reports produced can be used as testimony in cases and often reduce an insurers liability.

False Car Insurance Injury Claim

Engine Work

Have you been in a car crash?

Is the opposing party making injury claims that you believe to be untrue?

In this scenario, surveillance is an incredibly solid route to take. This allows our investigators to observe the subject over a worthy period of time, enough to establish a pattern of life, their daily habits and most importantly obtain footage detailing the validity of the injuries sustained.

Injury At Work

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Has an employee had an accident at work?

Do they claim they cannot return to work due to their injuries?

Our investigators can observe these individuals, discretely, and provide surveillance footage showcasing the employee's abilities and the extent of the injuries they claim to have.


A clear and concise report will then be put together and given to the employer allowing them to use the findings should they choose to take action, or present it as evidence if needed in court.