Reactive and Mobile Surveillance

This is the most common and versatile style of surveillance that we provide. It enables our private investigators to react and respond to activity on the ground as and when it happens. Our investigators use their training, experience and expertise to adapt each situation they find themselves in and put themselves in the best position to get you the evidence you need, whatever it takes to get to the truth!


Our private investigators are prepared for all scenarios, so whether it means travelling by car, on foot or even public transport, rest assured they have the skills and equipment needed to pursue their target and get results.


Our investigators often work in teams of two. There are ample scenarios where we may find it necessary to deploy larger teams. Every decision we make is on a case-by-case basis and each task is approached uniquely. Operations can be anything from 5 hours to 24/7 around the clock surveillance.


Here at Aspyr Investigations we have the capability and the quality to cater to all, whether you are a corporate business or private client.

No matter what your surveillance requirement is, we have the man power and skills to provide you with the service you want and get the results you need!

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