Person Tracing

Person tracing is a service that we offer when a client is trying to find an individual or a group.

We offer our consultation service, where we will gather details of the subjects to be traced. The more information we can start off with, the better the opportunity we have to find them quickly.


We sometimes offer a communication facilitation service when a case involves family members. Due to legal reasons, we are unable to divulge contact details without permission from the family member, so we offer to be an intermediary in order to initially open up communications.

I Would Like To Find A Family Member

There are many reasons that people come to us to help find their missing family members. A lot of the time its when relatives have grown distant over time and one would like to be reunited with another.


At other times it's when a member of a family has found out about a relative that they were previously unaware of and would like to track them down to introduce themselves with hope of building a relationship.


There are limitless reasons why someone may wish trace a family member.


Do not hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help.

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I Need To Know The Right Address

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A debtor owes you money?

You need to serve legal documents?

Need to track down a witness?​

The reasons for needing to know someone's address are endless. It may be that someone owes you or your business money and the debtor has given the wrong address.


It could be that you need to deliver official/legal documents to someone but do not know their current address.

They can sometimes be hiding on purpose, wilfully trying to evade, but sometimes it can just be a case of them moving homes and nobody knowing when they moved or to where they have relocated.

Whatever the reason, Aspyr will help you find them.