How a private investigator can help your business!

Updated: Jun 6

Running a business can be hard enough as it is, without having to worry about something sinister being hidden from you. Whether it be money and products being stolen, falsified claims or even espionage, hiring a private investigator Birmingham can help.

Each and every day businesses across the UK are losing thousands and thousands of pounds for various reasons. A private investigator Birmingham can help you regain control and structure of your business.

Here are some of the main reasons business owners employ our local private investigators…


Do you suspect that assets or finances are being taken without your knowledge or consent? If so, now is the best time to hire a private investigator. The cost of hiring a private investigator, Birmingham will likely be much more cost effective than letting such offences run their course. It can also bring those who offend to justice and in turn act as a prevention measure in the future to those who may have thought about following suit. Over the years we have assisted many companies in catching guilty employees and made their work

place a much safer and profitable environment.

Insurance Claims

I’m sure by now that we have all heard sayings such as ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim!’ and rightfully so. Compensation pay-outs cost businesses thousands, sometimes millions of pounds. The knock-on effect of this will lead to higher insurance premiums for your business too.

So if I hire a private investigator, how can they help?

Our team of local private investigators specialise in surveillance and are regularly employed to observe claimants to document an accurate representation of how they live and cope day to day with the injuries they have sustained due to injuries or incidents at work.

Our job is to find the truth, so if the extent of their injury claims is true, we will show this, and if they are falsely exaggerated, we will show this too. Catching an employee falsifying a claim will save you money on compensation, and in a lot of cases enable you to make a counter claim against them too.

Corporate Espionage

It sounds a lot fancier than it is, but to put it in its raw form, this is where your business secrets, information and intelligence is given to or stolen by competitive companies. If you think that there is a leak coming from within your business, you can hire a private investigator to help you get to the truth. This will protect your business; it can save you money and in cases completely save your brand from going under.

Competitors can gain intel about the inner workings of your business through various devious methods. They can bug your company computers and software or plant listening devices throughout your offices and meeting areas. It is not uncommon for your own employees to betray you and submit your information to your competitors personally.

Ways we can help: We can conduct bug sweeps at your business, where we will search for electronic devices and physically remove them for you. They can also be left where they are and used tactically if you wish to do so. This can help filter out who is potentially the culprit.

Private residency searches are also often conducted as a safe measure against infiltration.

Background Checks & Hiring Candidates

Hiring a private investigator to check the background for a potential business partner or new employee can prove to be invaluable. It allows you to have complete peace of mind and reassurance that you are hiring a candidate with the correct credentials for the job. Alternatively, it can help filter out those who may be trying to deceive you with an impressive resume and history, when in fact it is all fabricated and untrue.

Recovering Assets

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people can be selfish and greedy. The sad reality is that this happens in the workplace and theft does happen. Maybe an employee notices a window of opportunity to make some quick cash, or perhaps they feel they are entitled to more than they already receive. The scale of theft can be huge, into 100’s of thousands of pounds.

Hiring a private investigator can not only help you figure out who is behind the crime, but they can also assist in recovering what is rightfully yours.

If you think a local private investigator may be able to help you and your business,

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