Who Hires Private Investigators?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Private investigation is likely something you picture when you think of your favourite crime drama, or a service that you might think only the rich and famous have access to, what with all the scandals and all. But you would be surprised at just how often people like you and I require investigatory services.

Here at Aspyr Investigations we cater to all, from individuals who want to find answers to private matters, to commercial clients who need business interests investigated.

We can help in many ways, from finding out if you're partner is cheating, to tracing a long-lost friend/family member or discovering that an employee is fraudulently claiming sick pay/injury compensation.

Here we will cover some of the main reason why people would hire a private investigator?

Cheating Partner

As you may have expected, the number one reason our clients contact us is to find out whether or not partner is cheating. Some people have got suspicions and keep them to themselves. Others confront their partner only to be told that they are wrong.

We step in as a last resort, to get the answers you need and put your suspicions to rest, right or wrong.

Often when hired for infidelity cases, our clients are seeking the proof they need to settle a divorce, or peace of mind so that they can move on in life, with or without their partner.

When dealing with a cheating partner case we understand that the client is usually somewhat distressed already and there are all sorts of emotions involved. We treat each case with the dignity and respect it deserves and ensure our clients are as comfortable and understanding as we can possibly make them.

As with all of our observation tasks, each of our clients receive a full written report (including pictures) following observations and a ‘highlights’ video of the relevant footage we obtain.

Employee Investigation

Employees are what makes a business thrive, but can sometimes be their downfall. There are many reasons an employer would hire a private investigator to investigate their staff:

Fraudulent Sick Pay/Injury Claims

Paying someone a wage can be a big enough expense as it is, but having to fund sick-pay when they’re not even at work can be a gruesome and unnecessary cost.

We can observe and investigate fraudulent sick-pay/injury claims and find out exactly what is going on.

Employee Theft

Now as much as we would like to believe our employees love and respect our company as much as we do, unfortunately it is not always the way. We can expect stock to go missing from time to time, a little bit here and there and that’s normal. However, if you notice large quantities missing or regular discrepancies, it may appear that some of your staff are helping themselves. We can help you find out the truth.

Child protection

Children are not always able to speak up for themselves, neither do they completely understand the world around them. Unfortunately, the young and innocent are not always given the care and protection that they deserve and we are called upon and are given the opportunity to make a change.

Some of the ways we can help are to:

· Observe the care given by parents & guardians when children are in their custody.

· Determine who, where and when children are left by their parents.

· See if things such as non-molestation/restraining orders are being violated.

· Check to see who is living/visiting at the addresses where the children are staying.

Background Checks

More than ever, background checks are being utilised by individuals and businesses. Long-story short, they give a detailed insight into who a person really is. This can be extremely useful when hiring new employees, committing to a future together as a married couple or even entering a business partnership. We believe that due-diligence is never something to overlook and can be an invaluable yet cost effective way to ensure that someone is really who you think they are.

Tracing A Missing Person/Debtor

Whether it be a long lost relative that you are trying to find, or someone that owes you money, it can be hard to know where to start and if you don’t have much information about them or they deliberately don’t want to be found, you may have a very hard, time consuming and quite possibly agonising hunt on your hands.

This is where hiring a private investigator comes in handy. Our private investigators have the know-how, the contacts and the resources to find them. Additionally, we commit our time and experience to quickly and efficiently find someone for you.

We take the stress and the hassle out of searching, and come to you with results.

We can help you bring your family back together, or enable you to get money that’s rightfully yours.

Should any of the reasons above relate to you, contact us today to see how we can help. We are trusted members of the UK Professional Investigators Network and registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) so you can rest assured that we will work respectfully, professionally and within the law at all times.

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