Why should I hire a private investigator to catch a cheating partner? Surely, I could just do it.

Well, isn’t that an interesting topic. Now you might be thinking that we have a biased approach to this, and rightly so. The easy answer is ‘we know what we are doing’.

However, you are right, there isn’t anything at all stopping you from conducting your own surveillance or running your own investigations.

So why choose us?

The reason we get deployed on task, day after day, is RESULTS. You ask the questions; we find the answers! Our private investigators have acquired their skills over many years of experience. We have been trained to a recognised industry standard. We have specialist equipment and the insurances to go with it. We understand and abide by the law.

Can you even imagine doing your own surveillance?

Let’s think of an example.

Imagine your best friend (Female) thinks that their husband is cheating. *One of the top reasons we get hired, is to investigate relationship issues*

Where do you start? What is the plan? How are you going to catch them?

Okay, so your friend thinks they know the where and when. They are sure their husband is meeting a new woman for a date at a restaurant, just out of town.

What next? Just rock up and record them? Job done, easy, right? Wrong!

Do you have a covert vehicle, or is it going to stand out? Can you use it to hide?

Is he going to realise it’s his wife’s best friend right away?

Boom, cover blown – game over.

If you do well and they don’t spot your whilst you follow them, Bravo!

But, what next? Do you have the right equipment for the job? Furthermore, do you have the skills to use it?

Or are you just going to hope that your phone can get that ‘money shot’?

Let’s not forget, we may need this evidence to stand up in court.

So, you’re at the meet location, you see ‘the cheat’ go into the restaurant. He looks smart, date ready and he’s accompanied by an attractive female. She’s a complete stranger to you, but they look like they’ve known each other for years. You know all of his friends, this isn’t one of them…who is this ‘other woman’? If you didn’t know better you would put your money on them being a couple.

What do you do now? You need to see what they’re doing, right?

So, you walk in to the restaurant and try to blend in with the furniture of course. Maybe even order the biggest cocktail on the menu so you can use it as something to hide behind. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

You’ve got to control your emotions and stop them from getting the better of you. You can't keep starring. Can you stay calm and be patient enough to get the evidence you need?

After all, its not what you know, it’s what you can prove!

Can you get close enough to listen to their conversation, pick up bits of information and capture moments of intimacy, all whilst remaining disguised as ‘just another diner’?

If the answer to most of the above is ‘NO’ then I think it’s fair to say that you now understand why you should hire a private investigator, rather than doing it yourself.

A very small, simple, typical task.

If this has helped you make up your mind and you feel you would rather have a professional on the job, contact us now.

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