Proof of Employment

There seems to be more and more reasons that people decide to try and hide the fact that they are employed.

This can be to hide their employment from one employer to another, or to hide income from ex-spouses in order to avoid child maintenance payments or even benefit fraud.

Whatever the reason, our skilled private investigators have the skills needed to uncover the truth and provide proof of employment.

When we monitor an individual to try and prove that they are working, we aim to gain evidence of their full working hours and commitments. We attempt to document their activity from when they first leave for work to the time that they finish and return home. Further to this we will establish a pattern of consistent working. In order to do this, we will ideally observe multiple days/weeks of activity in order to substantiate claims.


This shows that there is a regularity to the work and in short, makes it more difficult for the subject to dispute with excuses such as they have ‘only just started’, or that it’s a ‘one-off’. This majorly substantiates proof of employment, therefore strengthening any case in trying to prove so.


When can gaining proof of employment is beneficial?


  • Child Maintenance – It is very common that when parents separate, one parent is required to pay maintenance to the other, who is the primary carer for their child. It is not uncommon for individuals to try and evade payments and they often lie about their employment situation. By using a private investigator, you are able to discreetly gain evidence of them working, which can be used as evidence in court and ultimately help the entitled recipient claim their correct beneficiary amount.

  • Employee Investigation – There are many situations in which employees try to hide the fact that they are working for multiple employers. This can happen when an employee is on sick leave, and they wish to continue working elsewhere for one company, whilst claiming sick pay from another.

It can also occur when there has been a non-compete put in place and an employee does not wish to uphold their end of the deal.

Further to this it may be beneficial to hire a private investigator to observe employees where there is a concern over business espionage, where confidential information may possibly be being passed over to competitors. This can have a huge detrimental effect on business and in some cases lead to huge, costly legal disputes.

  • Benefit Fraud – To put it plain and simple, some people believe that they should be able to work and receive an income as well as receiving ‘money for nothing’ from government benefits. It’s far from unheard of that people will claim benefits such as (not an exhaustive list) Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowances. Investigating these offenders and prosecuting them as a result, can lead to huge savings on government spending and lead to the correct tax payments being made by those eligible and responsible for doing so.


If any of the examples used above resonate with yourself and you believe hiring a private investigator can help you receive the money you deserve, or the truth you require about your employees, do not hesitate to get in touch. Let us help you get the results you need!