All of our operatives are highly skilled and seamlessly integrate themselves into their surroundings, effectively blending in with the public, thus avoiding any suspicions.


We use a variety of methods to conduct our surveillance, where we often obtain footage on both overt, and covert devices. This means that we can accurately observe from a distance but also get up close to our subjects when necessary, all whilst ensuring we remain unnoticed.


All photography and video footage are time stamped and dated for integrity purposes.

When Would I Need Surveillance?

There are many reasons and scenarios in which surveillance would be beneficial to an individual or business. Below are a few examples, if any apply to you feel free to contact us to discuss options further.

- I suspect my partner is lying to me or having an affair

- I need to validate the integrity of an injury or insurance claim


- I need help trying to find a missing friend/relative


- I need to know where someone is working


- I need to prove people are living at the same address


- I am concerned for the welfare of my child whilst in care of other guardians


- I need legal documents to be delivered...

...The list goes on.