Two Pens

What our clients say about us?

Image by Jordan Whitt


“After Years of searching for my brother and hitting dead end after dead end, I approached ASPYR with the minimal information I had.

The years searching had caused extreme amounts of anxiety, stress and heartache.

I was nothing short of amazed at the sheer level of information they were able to attain and how quickly they were able to locate my brother.

The team were very professional and provided a friendly service for which I cannot thank them enough!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!

Thank you!” - L.cox

Just What I Needed

I was sceptical at first of using any investigation services, as it isn't something I'd normally do. I had suspicions that my partner was sneaking around behind my back, and something just didn't feel right. I got in touch with Aspyr, who offered many services but they tailored a package that worked best for me. They were honest, open, supportive and empathetic to my needs, but the most important thing for me was that they listened throughout to what I wanted. There are lower prices around (and plenty more expensive too) but i just knew that Aspyr were going to do all they could to help!

Such a professional service, the director Rikki made me feel extremely comfortable and was not pushy at all...unlike some I'd come across and had been in the industry longer!

Without hesitation, I would recommend Aspyr to anyone looking to get support and get to the bottom of things!

Thank you once again! - Ash B.